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Hello there! My name is Yolanda Mabry and I was born and raised in Cuba. I moved to the United States when I was 15 years old, not knowing ANY English. I had to start learning a new language from zero and I was soooo intimidated. I remember how I used to think that the happiest day of my life would be when I finally learned English. 

Spanish is the native tongue in Cuba and students are required to take Spanish from the moment they start school until they graduate high school. From my own personal experience, I have taken what I learned and I applied it to this program. I have witnessed  many students take 4 years of Spanish yet are unable to communicate. I am new to this endeavor but I believe God has called me to this and I know he will give me and your child the tools needed to succeed. 

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“My children have been tutored by Yolanda Mabry since August. They are having such a fun time learning Spanish. Yolanda does a wonderful job breaking down the pronunciation so that even my 6 year old is able to correctly pronounce Spanish words. Yolanda does an excellent job reviewing past material so the children don’t lose what they have already learned. We have been very impressed with the curriculum and the children’s progression of conversational Spanish. I highly recommend Yolanda if you are wanting to learn Spanish!”


“Using My Spanish Casa has been such a great experience for me. I had given up on trying to Learn Spanish after taking it in school and feeling like I didn’t learn anything. I decided to try it again with My Spanish Casa and I feel like I have learned much more in just a few months than I did in four semesters. The lessons are easy to understand and they are short enough that I’m not stressed out trying to find time to go over them. What really helps the most in the one-on-one tutoring. Yolanda reviews common Spanish conversations each week to make sure I am comfortable using it and reviews the lessons I have completed to make sure I understand them. The tutoring session with her have made the biggest impact with my learning and I have notice a huge difference since I started. Highly recommend!



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