Que tál? As I raise my kids in a bilingual home, I have noticed that there are many words that are easier for my kids to pronounce and learn. As a result, we have common phrases and words that we use at all times in our home. I recommend that as you encourage your child to learn Spanish, that you replace this phrases below from English to Spanish and use them at all times in your casa. Prompt your child and remind them often to use the phrases. Repetition is key and the goal is to put this phrases in their long-term memory.

Buenos dias!= Good morning

Te amo= I love you

Agua= Water

Basura= Trash

Pónlo en la basura= Put it in the trash

Cuidado= Be careful

Adios= Bye

Gracias= Thank you

De nada= Youwelcome

Lavate las manos= Wash your hands

Baño= Bathroom


Caliente= Hot

Sientate= sit down

Comida= food

Tienes hambre? = Are you hungry?

Mas?= More?

If you implement this short phrases in your daily routine, you child will not only understand them but he will start saying them! It is all about repetition and creating new habits.

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